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Permanent hair removal. A hair-thin metal probe is slid into a hair follicle though which electricity is delivered to the follicle.

The procedure is expensive, painful and if done improperly can cause skin damage!


It can be used on all types of body hair: facial, legs, arms, underarms, pubic area

The only way to permanently remove all of the hair.
The results can be permanent and very satisfactory

Improper can use burns and skin discoloration.
Results depend on the skill of the electrologist
Patience needed: It takes about a year to achieve permanent results.

The first steps into electrolysis were taken in the middle of the 19th century.

The only way to permanently remove 100% of hair. The hair shaft is destroyed with small needles. Some techniques require 3-5 minutes per hair and are done with multiple-needle machines. Electrolysis is therefore time-consuming but normaly less expensive than laser hair removal.

Hormonal changes may stimulate new hair growth. Needle electrolysis requires a series of treatments over time. For example, clearing the hair from a forearm takes a series of half hours appointments once a week, for about one year. In the first two months, a series of eight treatments will clear both forearms, but after that, hair on a different cycle of growth must be removed. lso, it can be painful. Success depends on the skill of the electrologist.

Needle electrolysis costs about 80 USD an hour, and may cost a few thousand USD per year.